Never has identity protection been more essential.

Similar to other proprietary materials, garments and assets with corporate logos carry the liability of potential misuse, putting the corporation at risk.

Key Problems

  • Logo’d garments carry both reputational and security related risk (impersonation)

  • Destruction of logos and proprietary marks can be costly and time-consuming

  • Donation programs and second hand markets do not cater to uniform items

  • Consolidation of goods may be problematic and labour intensive

  • Heightened expectations surrounding company CSR policies

Our Solutions

  • Textile fiber reclamation process ensures total destruction of all brand identity marks and logos

  • All accessories are sorted by material and destroyed/recycled via available recycling channels

  • On-request certificates of recycling/destruction available

  • Standardized Operating Procedures ensure transparency and efficiency

  • One-stop solution for the secure and responsible disposal of all obsolete corporate assets (uniforms and accessories)

  • Best practice recycling and disposal solutions

We are happy to work with Debrand to ensure that we are taking responsibility for our obsolete uniforms from both a brand security and environmental perspective.
— Chelsea Quirke, Manager, Environmental Management Waste Programs at Air Canada

Debrand | A decade of experience in secure, responsible uniform recycling services


A proven track-record at providing the most secure, responsible and seamless uniform recycling service in North America.

Our Experience

Over the past ten years, Debrand has developed a strong reputation providing service providers such as airlines, courier services, financial institutions and governments with a transparent and effective solution for uniform destruction. We specialize in the very niche market of secure recycling and destruction and do not sell or donate any goods that enter our material stream.

Our system was built to meet the specific needs of the fragmented service provider industry offering consolidation and member engagement support. Our goal is to provide a complete uniform destruction service that is easy to implement and cost-effective to manage. Debrand is the only choice for a secure, responsible and transparent uniform recycling solution.

Clients include

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