Waste not, want not. It may be tempting for retailers to toss away old, damaged or obsolete products, but more and more consumers are raising their expectations and moving away from brands who act irresponsibly.

Globalization, consumer awareness, and the exponential rate of consumption has put a spotlight on the expectations of corporate responsibility. Brands who want to survive must think, act and commit to a more sustainable way of being. Responsible disposal sits at the forefront of Debrand’s mission to help customers protect not only their brands but also our environment. Our aim is to limit reputational risk by ensuring that obsolete, damaged or discarded products are managed responsibly and securely. Organizations spend countless resources building and maintaining a brand’s identity; our objective is to protect that brand by offering a secure solution keeping both the brand and their obsolete goods, out of harm’s way.

Key Problems

  • Overstock/damages are a systemic issue and on average account for 2-4% of annual production

  • Updated/New Company CSR policies forbid product dumping (Landfill or Incineration)

  • Product dumping may de-value products and put brand identity at risk

  • Growing consumer awareness and expectations of CSR practices

  • Second-hand clothing markets are declining and becoming more restrictive

  • Lack of control and transparency over the supply chain

  • No internal systems in place to manage liability goods and materials

Our Solutions

  • One-stop, cost-effective, scalable and secure recycling solution for all apparel and accessories

  • Ability to consolidate and recycle over 100,000 lb. per month.

  • Fiber reclamation process ensures total destruction of all brand identity marks and logos

  • All accessories are sorted by material and destroyed/recycled via available recycling channels

  • Global product end of life management consulting

  • Product Import/Export capabilities to assist Multinational Corporations

  • On-request certificates of recycling/destruction available

  • Standardized Operating Procedures ensure transparency and efficiency

Debrand | A decade of experience in secure, responsible garment recycling and destruction services


A trusted partner with over a decade of experience protecting some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Our Experience

Over the last ten years, Debrand has grown into one of the most trusted resources for end of life management and textile recycling. Whether you are needing to solve a one-off destruction project or looking to integrate a more long-term end of life strategy, we are your team.

With a specialized focus on retail apparel, Debrand has developed proprietary systems that maximize efficiencies for this unique sector. Our robust secure recycling program ensures that your brand is protected from both physical and reputational risk by ensuring your branded goods are managed securely, safely and responsibly. While we have created standard operating procedures to simplify the process, we also offer a customized approach to minimize disruption and fit discreetly within your operating logistics.

Debrand has provided expertise and instruction on how to extended value with duty drawback or other cross-border programs while adhering to strict company CSR policies, such as recycling over dumping. Our commitment to best practices and our real-world experience makes Debrand the only choice for a seamless, transparent and responsible end of life solution.

Retail Clients Include

Debrand Clients | Aritzia
Debrand Clients | Kit and Ace
Debrand Clients | Herschel
Debrand Clients | Lululemon
Debrand Clients | MEC
Debrand Clients | Warby Parker