Identity Protection

Never before has protecting one’s identity been as essential as it is in today’s transparent global economy. Security and responsibility sit at the forefront of Debrand’s business operations and guide both our processes and the way in which we do business. By outsourcing the secure disposal of your goods to Debrand, you limit your risk by partnering with the pioneer of responsible disposal ensuring that all goods are managed securely and in line with current best practices. Partner with Debrand today and reduce the liability of branded goods ending up in the wrong place or the wrong hands putting your company or organization at risk.

We routinely assist clients with:

  • Product Recycling

  • Secure Shredding

  • Uniform Recycling

  • Textile Recycling

  • Recall / Pullback Management

  • Customer Returns Processing

  • Overstock / Deadstock Recycling

  • Misprint / Quality Control Issues

  • Insurance Claims

  • Waste to Energy Destruction

  • Duty Drawback / Refund of Duties

  • Government Witnessed Destruction

  • Certificates of Destruction

  • Sustainability Consulting

  • International Logistics

  • Design for Environment


Debrand provides services that are absolutely essential in today’s world where corporate social responsibility is not just a vague concept, it’s the only acceptable way to do business.
— Catherine Runnals, President, Brand, LIVE Management Group Inc.

Secure Chain of Custody

From regularly scheduled monthly deliveries to one-time overseas container shipping, Debrand works with each client to ensure that products are collected when and where they need to be. Servicing North America with secure facilities in both the United States and Canada, Debrand also assists clients the world around through a vetted network of partner facilities.

Specializing in textile recycling, Debrand has recycled and repurposed thousands of tons of fabric into new long-lifecycle products. A complex system of sorting, decontaminating, shredding, and fiber pulling ensures complete brand security and yields the highest amount of reusable fiber possible. These fibers are then given new life in countless industries and products ranging from insulation to packaging. All accessories that enter our system are destroyed to remove identifying marks and then recycled, disposed of securely or sent to local Waste to Energy facilities. We ensure that all our processes are secure, transparent, and cost-effective.

Thought Leadership

As a pioneer of secure disposal, Debrand acts as a trusted consultant offering both strategic and logistical support to organizations around the globe. With an intimate knowledge of textile recycling capabilities and innovation, Debrand understands the challenges and barriers facing the apparel and textile industries. We are an active member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the industry leading alliance for sustainable production. As sought after guest speakers at numerous textile and sustainability conferences around the world, Debrand continues to bring leadership and transparency to one of the world’s most dynamic sectors.

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